Discover Vietnam and enjoy your lovely foods. Because its emphasis is on fresh herbs and vegetables, an exotic array of spices and moderate amounts of meats or seafood with very little added fat, it is one of the very few cuisines that you will find intensely satisfying yet light enough to leave us full and content without feeling stuffed.

The fresh Vietnam spring roll is v delicious. Crispy cube noodle with beef is special. Excellent drip coffee. Eager to please wait staff. Recommended to visit even if not staying at hotel


hanoi-noodle-soupPho (pronounced “fuh”) is among the best known Vietnamese dishes to Americans. A blend of Vietnamese rice noodles and a meat broth, it is served with rice noodles and various meats, usually beef or chicken, with bean sprouts, lime wedges, sliced Japanese and Thai basil, mint and cilantro on the side for the diner to add to taste.
The quality of the broth is the difference between an excellent pho and one that is just adequate. Not every Vietnamese cook will roast the beef bones that are the basis for the broth.


Cha Ca La Vong  grilled-fish-pieces-cha-ca-la-vong  The fish must be carefully prepared before grilling. Galingale and saffron must be ground and mixed with water and filtered through a piece of clean cloth in order to obtain a solution to which is added drops of rice ferment and fish sauce of good quality. Then, the fish meat is immersed in the solution for two hours before grilling. Grilling must be done by pairs of bamboo tongs placed on a stove of burning charcoals.



rice-cake-2Banh Cuon (Vietnamese Steamed Rice Rolls/Crepes) is the perfect holiday detox food. After the last Thanksgiving holiday back in Detroit, Michigan we needed something light, delicate, and yet flavor ful to detox after our feast. So when my mom asked us what wanted to eat the weekend after thanksgiving dinner, we immediately requested some banh cuon. Banh cuon is a very light crepe often with ground pork, minced wood ear mushroom, and onions and eaten with Vietnamese ham (cha lua), steamed beans prouts, and cucumbers. Another variation arising from a village in Northern Vietnam famous for their banh cuon is called banh cuon “Thanh Tri” a style where the crepe is not rolled but kept in sheets without any filling, and sprinkled with fried onions.

fresh-crab-noodle-soupDuring the winter crab season we took full advantage, making sup mang cua (asparagus and crab soup) using fresh dungeness crabs. But we also had some king crab meat given to us by The Food Addicts and so we made some bun rieu (crab noodle soup). This soup is very hearty and great during the winter months as it combines some of our favorite ingredients of tomatoes, tofu, and crab.