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Olympic Game

Space Requirement

50 sq. ft. per person in a Company Parking Lot or Grounds, Hotel Venue, State Park, Beach etc. The activity space must be a level surface.

Ideal For

  • Team building (great social/fun activity to get to know your work co-workers better)

  • Communication (individuals are required to communicate and co-operate in a team environment)

  • Fun (ideal event to get everyone relaxed and enjoy the day in a casual fun environment)

  • Increased energy level and fitness (gets everyone outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and to be active outside the office)

  • Friendly competition (allows everyone to work towards a goal and push their team to strive for real results)


All of our custom team building programs are designed to be all-inclusive, no matter the overall demographics and possible physical limitations of a group’s participants.  We work diligently with our clients to ensure that activities are not only tailor-made to their exact event specifics and overall corporate initiative needs but always meet desired ‘comfort’ levels.  We love to encourage people to try new and exciting things, and we love it when groups are willing to step outside of traditional comfort zones to experience the thrill of a new achievement.  And while our skilled and energetic facilitation team will always gently encourage participants to try all of our programs – if anyone ever wishes to simply observe an activity, that’s perfectly fine with us too.

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