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Team building

In Vietnam, our Teambuilding is the leading supplier with array of Teambuilding. We offer teamwork development training, executive team building programs, corporate team building programs and provide team building games, HR consulting solutions…

Through the game, an image of a peaceful, friendly country with a lot of traditional customs will be introduced to people all over the world.

Outcomes: build up teamwork spirit, create close relationship, Develop Team Creativity Skills.
Features: Safety, engaging, fun, challenging, all weather guarantee

Team building are fun, engaging and interactive activities designed to improve teamwork in the organization. Team building is often organized as part of an off-site or company outing.

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility projects are designed to support rural communities and at the same time rise awareness of

environmental and social issues and to engage business executives in meaningful encounters with the local population.

Offsite and outings

Offsite and outings are an important part of an organizational’s effort to build a meaningful, healthy and sustainable workplace. Offsite and outings are also tools of the meeting or MICE industry.

Organizational change

Organizational change is the overall effort of preparing your organization for the changes and challenges of tomorrow and to build a meaningful and healthy workplace. It includes learning workshops, assessments, team building, outings and consultancy.

Teambuilding Activity:

We offer you exceptional two hours Teambuilding; Half day Teambuilding; Full day Teambuilding; Two days Teambuilding; Multi days Teambuilding. Our teambuilding programs inspire, energize and motivate your team by challenging each member to achieve his or her personal best and continue the experience into their daily work.

Teambuilding Exercise:

Our Teambuilding provides training on the basics of teamwork and through events, show the participants that ALL winning teams work within a structure. One of the keys is when they leave an event, is that they understand what it takes to win! They identify their key learning’s, and they know the areas that they need to improve both as a team and individually. They need to integrate the learning and build it into their CULTURE! Thus we continue to tell our clients that “Teambuilding is an event, Teamwork is a culture”. Our activities are designed to help groups develop effective communication, leadership, teamwork, problem-solving skills, and team spirit…

Building Company Culture

Activities in a Company Family day, Annual Dinner, Year end party to build the company’s cultures… Our programs bring the traditional value, and create a different culture each company. We can organize the events or provide Teambuilding Games for you.

Customzied Teambuilding

Our Teambuilding ideas are tailored to every demand of every customer. Just share with us the objectives, participants, length of program, and debrief. We will proposal you a suitable teambuilding program!

Team Building Games

We will be pleased to arrange business simulation games tailored specifically to your needs, anywhere in Vietnam or ASIAN. All our team building games design and develop base on real situations, it helps to improve problem solving, communication, leadership, teamwork skills and build your organization. Base on uorr targets and requirements, we will be able to suggest the best games. Further, please contact us .

Teambuilding Ideas & Consultant

OUR  Teambuilding provides solutions on holding Teambuilding events such as planning annual budget, choosing travel service supplier and suitable location, proposing Teambuilding ideas, organizing Teambuilding in combining with conference…

If you are organizing a management conference, seminar, workshop or training event we will sell or run a business game to meet your needs and arrange the event for you.

Besides Teambuilding, we supports customers with Human Resources Consulting solutions: Team Effectiveness & Evaluation; Personal Tests;    HR Survey (includes Attitude; Performance Appraisal; Total Remuneration);  Payroll Consulting.